Posted: 11/21/2023

Sustainable Businesses in Lancaster, PA

Check out some great sustainable places to stay, eat, and things to do in Lancaster County, PA

Shopping Sustainably in Lancaster, PA

Prussian Street Arcade
Prussian Street Arcade is home to over a hundred vendors selling a wide range of products, from vintage clothes, antiques, home decor, hand-made pottery, or woodwork to comic books. Prussian Street has everything for anyone.

Another small business that plays host to a slew of other smaller businesses. Building Character has over 100 “shops,” like Prussian Street Arcade ranging from vintage clothing, home decor, soaps, gemstones and so much more!

Independent Retailers

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Farm-to-Table cuisine is a way of life here, with homemade and hand-crafted delights filling tables and tummies.

Roadside Stand Round-Up in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster County is known for its locally owned roadside stands. Stop by to pick up the freshest, seasonal produce.

fields of crops with silos and a farm building in the background in Lancaster PA

Plan an environmentally friendly event!

Market Towns in Lancaster, PA

Where you can buy fresh, buy local.

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436 W. Jame Street
Lancaster, PA 17603