Survey and Research Results

2014 Focus Group Research

This Executive Summary includes data from four focus groups undertaken in suburban Philadelphia and suburban Long Island. The participants were recent Lancaster visitors, and non-visitors in each market; women ages 29-60 with household income of $75,000 or more.

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2014 Pre- and Post-Campaign Online Survey

This Executive Summary includes data from 1,220 interviews (506 pre-wave in June, and 714 post-wave in September). Participants were women 25-60 years of age who were in a couple relationship and had household incomes of $75k or more. The number of participants was divided evenly by state and county of residence between New York (Nassau or Suffolk Counties) and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Chester or Montgomery Counties).

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PA Economic Impact of Travel Reports

The annual Economic Impact of Pennsylvania’s Travel and Tourism Industry report provides state, regional, and county level estimates that demonstrate the vital importance of the travel industry to Pennsylvania’s economy. The report provides estimates of visitor spending, employment and earnings derived from traveler spending, the contribution of the travel industry to the Pennsylvania’s gross state product, and tax receipts derived from traveler spending.

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