Lancaster County Christmas

Lancaster County Christmas is the best kind of holiday wish list

As November turns to December, the holiday wish list becomes a prime focus of attention and conversation. But at heart, the yuletide season is all about traditions and family.

So why not combine the two this year with a Lancaster County Christmas wish list that's less about getting and more about connecting.

Need some quality time with family and friends? Want to simply celebrate the sheer fun of Christmastime? Looking for some new seasonal memories you'll cherish for years?

Then head for the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country and a more fulfilling type of holiday wish list, where you & yours can:

PA Dutch cuisine from Miller's Smorgasbord in Lancaster, PA

Enjoy a holiday meal at one of these great restaurants!

Do they celebrate Christmas like we do?

Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree in Lancaster, PA

Plenty of places to find the perfect tree.