Mud Sales

Lancaster’s annual Amish mud sales

Who’d ever guess that the unique Amish “mud sales” in Lancaster County offer some of the most authentic interaction available with our Plain neighbors, as they help to run the sales or just enjoy the event themselves?

It’s true, however, as Amish and “English” (as the rest of us are known) mix easily amid these community auctions that are the primary fundraiser for many local fire companies in traditionally Amish communities and take place on the thawing ground of Pennsylvania Dutch Country (hence the name, “mud” sale).

Set among country fields or small towns with start times of 8 or 8:30 a.m., the sales are a yearly occurrence here, predominantly on Saturdays from late February to mid-April (with a few sprinkled in May, June, August, and Sept/Oct).

The huge range of items for sale includes kitchen sinks, along with hand-made Amish quilts and furniture, antiques, toys, livestock, handcrafts, buggies, clothing, farm equipment, housewares, and more. And all of it sold at up to six simultaneous auctions at various locations ‘round the grounds and firehouse, which makes for a truly captivating experience (BRIEF VIDEO).

Whether you’re bidding or just browsing, an additional treat is the hearty and delicious PA Dutch fare on offer, like chicken corn soup, funnel cakes, pot pie, birch beer, sticky buns, chicken barbecue, and lots of hot cider and coffee. Trust us – the eats are almost as good as the finds.

Unique, inviting, and never dull, Lancaster’s annual mud sales are a can’t-miss rite of spring!