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Copper is considered a dirty metal: You touch it and see fingerprints, wet it with any number of liquids and it will discolor with varying hues. Add the patinas, and it comes alive and the dirty characteristic becomes its beauty. For the clocks, solid copper is incorporated with reclaimed barn siding or old window sash wood for the frames, and art restoration stained glass to cover the face. All elemental and natural; waiting to become a canvas.

The frame for the clock on the right was made using a reclaimed window sash from an old house. In the lower right corner there are Roman numerals: In the time period the sash was made, the window makers were specialists and had shops in town that made the sashes, doors etc. Carpenters would create each window frame and mark it, then match it to the sash made at the offsite location. (Paraphrased: “This Old House”).

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