Posted: 09/12/2023

Top 7 Corn Mazes in Lancaster, PA

Traverse through winding paths and make split-second decisions with these expansive mazes.

Reconnect with nature and navigate through tall walls of greenery. Dive into adventurous, family-friendly entertainment, unraveling hidden clues while immersing yourself in a charmingly rustic atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a team bonding experience or seeking to solve complex problems, these Lancaster corn mazes cater to challengers of all ages.

Oregon Dairy

Immerse yourself in a thrilling 18-acre corn maze in the fall, where narrow spaces and tall green walls will challenge your navigational intuition. Take an hour strolling through an ever-changing layout and complex designs. Reward yourself by visiting Oregon Dairy’s Ice Cream Shoppe, indulging in combinations such as the “Lancaster County Mud Pie” and the “Tractor Tire Sundae.” Don’t miss taking pictures in scenic clearings within the maze walls and finish the day marveling at a vast pumpkin patch.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Stroll through winding paths and traverse across picturesque bridges in this five-acre maze. Discover why this sprawling space was included in the Top 10 Corn Mazes in America. Find hidden clues and capture photographs of family memories in this hour-long adventure. Choose between three “Challenger Chooser” levels and receive a gameboard with instructions before entering the maze. Designed to engage participants of all ages, this maze is a top-rated adventure for team building and family outings.

The Amish Farm and House

Dive into an expansive quilt-designed corn maze, consisting of exciting twists and turns. Carry a scavenger hunt map that will unlock hidden clues and hints throughout the area. Delight and immerse yourself in the rustic and autumnal atmosphere on the farm. Looking to add more engaging activities to the day?

Mark your calendars! Fall Farm Days will be Sat., Oct. 7 and Sun., Oct. 8!

Dive into learning about Amish culture and lifestyles with guided farmhouse tours. Interact and engage with farm animals, treating yourself to a goat yoga class on the farm and participating with yoga goers of all ages.

Barnyard Kingdom

Wander through sweeping views of nature, exploring a five-acre space with family and friends. Discover game stations that are located throughout the maze and create different plans for finding the exit. Complete your itinerary by visiting the petting zoo and bouncing on an out-of-this-world launch pad.

Compete with others at the pedal kart track and catch a ride on a wagon to a pumpkin patch. Sign up for an unlimited seasonal pass for other activities such as a fossil dig and a charming train ride.

Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe

Transform your morning coffee routine and navigate through an expansive four-acre corn maze behind the building of this cafe. Experience an intricately designed and engaging layout, wandering through multiple turns and dead ends. Don’t miss munching on artisanal meals such as grilled paninis, seasonal salads, and ice cream after completing the maze. Treat yourself to dessert after conquering the maze, indulging in snacks such as whoopie pies and shoofly pies.

Corn Cob Acres

Create lasting family memories while strolling through the cornfield trail, discovering engaging activities throughout the area. Explore other interactive spots such as the giant bag of candy corn and take a picture with Cornelius Cob. Participate in games such as the bean bag animal knockdown and the chicken ball toss game. Embark on a farming adventure while boarding the Animal Barrel Train and competing with family and friends at the corn cannon blasters station.

TIP: Follow the Corn cob Acres’ website for information on inclement weather changes and rescheduling, as all of the games and activities are held outside.

Mast Farms

Stroll through two types of mazes that stretch across 12 acres of cornfields. Surround yourself with tall walls of corn stalks, making new directions and plans to complete the maze. Feeling stumped? Ask the “Corn Cops” for directional clues and assistance. For an easier level, peruse through a straw bale maze with family.

Expand your plans for the day by engaging in over 20 attractions on the farm, participating in thrilling activities such as giant jenga and a potato slingshot.

Mazes may appear “corn-fusing,” but Lancaster County has exciting challenges for the autumnal fans, problem-solving adventurers, and little detectives. Take in the fresh air, make a new family itinerary, and discover these “a-maze-ing” cornfield activities in your next outdoor adventure.

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