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Guide to Lancaster County for Ages 21 and Up

Lancaster has all sorts of adventures, here's just a few that are exclusively people 21 years or older.

Join our Lancaster County Craft & Cork Trail and visit our many breweries, wineries, and distilleries in the county. Earn points, save on special deals, and win unique prizes!

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Whether you just turned 21 or you've already been to every bar in Lancaster, this guide is sure to provide some off-the-beaten path ideas to discovering Lancaster at ages 21 and up.

Rooftop Restaurants & Bars

The Exchange | Downtown Lancaster

Altana | Downtown Lancaster

Tellus360 | Downtown Lancaster

Yorgo's | Downtown Lancaster

Loxley's | Centerville, PA

Winery Summer Music Series

Music Fridays | Lancaster City (every 3rd Friday) & Lititz (every 2nd Friday)


Ubers and Lyfts are available in most parts of the county, so be safe and wise when you explore. Additionally, Downtown Lancaster is a walkable destination with garages and street parking.

Getting Around by Public Transportation:
Red Rose Transit Authority
Downtown Lancaster public transportation |

Getting Around by Taxi / Limousine:
Friendly Transportation | (717) 392-2222 | (800) 795-3278|

Lancaster City Cabs | (717) 701-1151

Premiere #1 Limousine Service | (717) 616-8995 |

Unique Limousine | (717) 233-4431 |

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