Posted: 03/17/2023 | by Sarah

Nightlife in Lancaster County, PA

You may not immediately equate the beautiful farmland and Amish culture that Lancaster is known for with nightlife - but Lancaster's walkable downtown (which Lancastrians call Lancaster City) makes the area an exciting place for a night out.

Start off your evening with drinks at one of our rooftop bars or outdoor decks, and then enjoy a delicious dinner. If you prefer a beloved dive bar or a spot for good casual eats, there are tons of those as well.

Beyond the food, you'll find live music, craft beer, theaters, and attractions that are open late.


Enjoy the views with a bite to eat and drink in hand at one of our restaurants with a rooftop and bars. Some spots require or recommend a reservation, so check with each bar or restaurant ahead of time.

Live Music

You can find live music year-round in Lancaster - and here are the best places to catch the latest, greatest performances.

Craft Beer

We've rounded up some great bars and bottle shops in Lancaster who carry a variety of local brews, rare finds, and classic ales for beer lovers to enjoy. Seeking stouts? Looking for lagers? In search of IPAs? Hunting for hefeweizens? Look no farther! You can also check out our brewery trail for even more brews.

Theaters & Art

Arts lovers, you are in the right place! Lancaster hosts a number of Broadway caliber productions and high-profile performers throughout the year, and has an incredible number of artists and makers throughout the County.

Attractions Open Late

Many of Lancaster's attractions and museums close at night, but there are some super fun ones that stay open late - so you night owls will have some fun after dinner & drinks.