Posted: 09/13/2023

Transportation in Lancaster, PA

How to get to and around Lancaster County

Before you set off on your adventure to Lancaster, PA, make sure you’re familiar with how to get to and from, and around Lancaster. There is so much to see in each corner of the county, so it’s helpful to understand the resources available during your trip in order to make your travel plans less stressful.

To and From Lancaster

One of the most important aspects of enjoying a trip is being able to easily get around the destination. If you are not driving from a nearby location or would prefer different travel options, here are a few that might be helpful.

Public Transportation

Lancaster is home to an Amtrak station that brings in trains from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York. Sit back and relax as you make your way to Lancaster County.

When you arrive, you’ll arrive in Downtown Lancaster, located in the center of the County.

If you’re traveling from New York City and have a flexible arrival and departure time, consider using the Our Bus service, which offers inexpensive bus rides between the two cities. The buses are outfitted with free Wi-Fi, clean restrooms, charging ports, and free water. You’ll be dropped off at the Hotel Lancaster Downtown, close to all the city attractions just a short walk away.


Lancaster is also accessible by plane, with Pennsylvania flights available via the Lancaster Airport and Southern Airways Express. National flights happen at Harrisburg International Airport, just a short drive from Lancaster County. Rental cars are available from both airports, helping you continue your trip to and around Lancaster.

Moving Around Lancaster

You've arrived at your destination, but how will you get around? Check out these options to explore Lancaster, PA.

Public Transportation

Once you arrive in the county our Red Rose Transit bus will take you (almost) wherever you need to go around the county. They don’t cover the backroads but are helpful for your explorations of our small, walkable towns.

Red Rose Transit is also a great option for college students in the area to get out and explore the area that they call home for most of the year. Many colleges themselves even have their own shuttle that will take you to various locations and businesses across the county. Contact your college/university for more information.

Drivability and Ride-Sharing

Once you’re here, we’ve rounded up some options for getting around if you don’t have a car with you. If you arrive at one of the airports (Lancaster or Harrisburg) or the Amtrak station, rental car services are available if you prefer to have a car. You can pick up and go explore, then drop off at the same location when you’re ready to head home.

If you are traveling in your own car through Lancaster County, please be cautious of the Amish community who often travel along our backroads by foot, buggy, bike, or scooter.

Buggy Road Etiquette

Lancaster also has extensive Uber and Lyft networks for those who enjoy using these convenient ride-sharing services. Whether you’re in the city, or exploring the countryside, drivers are available within 10-15 minutes during most of the day. Be sure to download your app of choice before you arrive to make sure your account is set up before you need a ride.

Taxis are also in abundance here in Lancaster, for more on those services click here.

Biking and Walkability

Whether you're exploring Downtown Lancaster or hitting our many rail trails, biking around Lancaster has never been easier. Both in the city and in Columbia, Let's Roll offers e-bikes as a fun way to get around. If you are out visiting Lititz, Lititz Bike Works offers regular and electric bikes to rent.

While visiting towns like Lititz, Strasburg, Downtown Lancaster, and Adamstown, keep in mind that these towns are extremely walkable. You can take a bus or ride share to the town, or park your car in a public lot, then walk between the shops, restaurants, and attractions.

When you’re exploring Downtown Lancaster, consider using the bike share program, where you can pay by the hour for a bike to cruise around on. There are locations throughout the city to pick up and drop off. For more information on biking in Downtown Lancaster click here.

If you find yourself in need of directions or recommendations, stop by the Discover Lancaster Visitor Center, where our helpful travel consultants can help guide you. Planning your trip in advance order our free Visitor Guide and sign up for our Email Newsletter, both are filled with useful information and directions.

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