Amish Meals at Home with Samuel and Ruth Lapp

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Enjoy a traditional Amish meal around a farm table with family and friends. Amish Meals At Home isn’t a typical Pennsylvania Dutch restaurant. It’s something special.

Ruth and Samuel Lapp host small, mid-size and large groups to their working farm for lunch or dinner Monday through Friday by reservation only.

If you are a couple or a small group, call Ruth to see if she is hosting a dinner during your visit when you can join them for a meal.

The Lapp Farm is located in rural Paradise, PA, not far from Nickel Mines. The 25-acre produce farm is worked by Sam and Ruth and their children. They grow a variety of vegetables for the wholesale market. In the spring, some of the finest Chanticleer strawberries in the County are harvested and the family sells quarts to the public from a small roadside stand in front of their home.

The farm’s first-floor dining room has a handicap accessible restroom and the facility has a no-step, entrance. Two long tables seat 45 people family style, and is served from an adjacent kitchen. The Lapp farm is one of only a few Amish homes certified by municipal and state agencies to host guests for meals.

The menu includes hearty and simple Amish favorites. Ruth’s meal is planned from family recipes that have been passed from mother to daughter for generations and are contained in a small From Our Farm recipe book available to purchase. There is homemade bread and some of Ruth’s strawberry preserves made from the farm’s spring harvest. Beverages include iced tea or, in season, Ruth’s special strawberry-rhubarb punch. Desserts include pies or cakes and ice cream.

Before the meal comes to an end, Ruth and her children sing one or two hymns that express their deep, Christian faith.


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Amish Meals at Home with Samuel and Ruth Lapp

5341 White Oak Road, Paradise, PA 17562

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