Posted: 06/14/2018

Ways to Experience the Amish in Lancaster, PA

Authentic, respectful experiences across the county

Ways to Experience the Amish in Lancaster, PA

Home to one of the largest Amish communities in the United States, many visitors come to Lancaster County to learn more and experience this unique culture. As the Amish are a private group of people, finding an authentic and respectful experience is key – and we’re here to help. From buggy rides coupled with a farm tour to shopping at an Amish quilt shop or market stand, we’ve collected our recommendations for those looking for a chance to peek into this way of life.

Check out our guide below, where we’ve gathered tours, events, and experiences that offer the authentic and respectful experience that you’re looking for.

[1] Amish-owned Shops and Farmers Markets
Known for their crafts, the Amish own quilt and fabric shops around the county that are worth the stop, especially if you’re looking for a beautifully crafted quilt. Browse hand-sewed blankets at Hannah’s Quilts and Fisher’s Quilts, and learn about the craft from the makers themselves.

If freshly-picked produce is on your list, Amish families have market stands at the farmers markets around the county, as well as roadside stands that can be found around almost every corner on the backroads.

[2] Farm Tours
If you’re looking for an authentic farm tour, head over the Old Windmill Farm, where the family has graciously opened their farm for a look into the Amish lifestyle. During the one-hour guided tour, participate in the daily chores like milking the cows, feeding a calf, gathering eggs, and more while you learn and ask questions along the way.

[3] Countryside Tours
Bus tours will take you through the backroads with a knowledgeable guide who will share information along the way and answer your Amish-centric questions. Amish Village and Amish Farm & House offer bus tours that can be paired with guided and self-guided tours of their living history farms.

The Amish Experience offers their VIP (Visit-in-Person) Tour that gives visitors an immersive Amish Experience. This 3-hour tour allows for meaningful connections and stories to be shared as you move from an Amish farm to an Amish-owned business, and finally to an Amish home for conversations with the family who lives there.

For a more personalized tour, Old Order Amish Tours offers a look into a working Amish farm for both families and groups. Their connections with an Old Order Amish farm allow them to give a deeper look into the lifestyle.

[4] Buggy Rides
Travel like the Amish do with a horse & buggy ride through the countryside. Places like Aaron & Jessica’s and AAA Buggy Rides offer short rides that take you through the countryside with an Amish or Mennonite driver at the reigns or longer rides that allow you to get off the buggy and tour an Amish farm. When you stop, you may get a chance to chat with the family who calls the farm home, purchase tasty treats like cookies, whoopie pies, and homemade root beer, and learn about farming without the help of electricity. Along the way, drivers encourage questions, and can provide history and facts about the Amish lifestyle in Lancaster County.

[5] Mud Sales
Beginning in late February, Mud Sales are annual auctions where the “English” and the Amish bid side-by-side on a plethora of items – from quilts, crafts and furniture to lawn equipment and shrubbery. As you wander the grounds at these events, you’ll see many Amish folks, and can get a taste of Lancaster County as many tasty homemade savory and sweet goodies are available for sale-goers to purchase. Don’t forget your boots! The spring thaw makes the ground quite soft – hence the name

[6] Living History Attractions
With the Amish being a private group of people, living heritage attractions like the Amish Village and Amish Farm & House offer guests the chance to learn about this lifestyle through their farms. Both places have created guided and self-guided tours that teach visitors about the Amish as they explore the farmhouses, one-room school houses, and barns.

While visiting, stop by and say hi to the farm animals or take a ride on a tradition Amish scooter. You’ll come away with new knowledge and appreciation of this culture.

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