Stiegel Glassworks 1976

Stiegel Glassworks 1976 principal mission is to preserve the heritage of Manheim Borough, founded by Henry William Stiegel, with a glass manufacturer on S Charlotte Street, about 2 blocks from our present location. We produce art glass using the traditional techniques used in 1762. Stiegel glass in the day was renowned throughout the colonies and still viewed as valuable museum pieces on display at our own Railroad Station museum, Corning Glass, and the Hershey Museum. Original pieces are identifiable only by matching styles and designs as they were not necessarily permanently marked for point of origin. Each of our current pieces are hand etched with our name and year the item was produced.


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Open for Business

Stiegel Glassworks 1976

210 S. Charlotte Street, Rear, Manheim, PA 17545

  • PHONE: (717) 575-6099