Strasburg Country Store & Creamery


  • Strasburg Country Store & Creamery
  • 1 West Main Street
  • Centre Square
  • Strasburg, PA 17579


  • Primary - (717) 687-0766

Open the door and step in. Inhale deeply. Drool.

That’s the experience you’re likely to encounter entering the Strasburg Country Store & Creamery. That aroma may be the scent of freshly baking waffle cones for our Creamery. It might be a kettle full of chocolate being melted to make a 20-pound loaf of homemade fudge in our Candy Kitchen. Perhaps it’s the scent of freshly-popped popcorn made just before we melt the ingredients to turn it into our caramel corn. We’re sure you will experience something to make your mouth water when you come in to visit at the Strasburg Country Store & Creamery.

Not only do we feature a variety of homemade delectable treats made in our copper kettle in the Candy Kitchen, we also have shelves full of yummy jams, pickled products, Pennsylvania Dutch products, and bulk candies throughout the store. Wander back and taste our homemade nut butters. If you dare, stand near the active bee hive and watch these critters buzzing around as you sample a variety of flavors of locally made honey.

And check out the toys and other unique gift items while you’re nibbling your way through the store. We feature a variety of toys, from old-fashioned items to the newest in Melissa and Doug products. There are recipe books and kitchen gadgets, Amish country souvenirs and books about the Amish, plus rows of old-fashioned candies like Turkish Taffy, wax lips, Sen Sen, and Beechnut, Clove and Teaberry gums. While you’re wandering about, perhaps you’ll get to see Dr. Fudge or Professor Sweet work their magic with the crafting of fudge, caramel corn, peanut brittle and even caramel apples in season.

Whether you’re visiting to find a unique gift or just want to savor samples of homemade goodies, we invite you to come – drool – shop, and perhaps stay for one of our wonderful deli sandwiches or an ice cream treat, too!

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