Intercourse, Lancaster County, PA

The friendly town of Intercourse, tucked into Amish countryside at the junction of Routes 340 and 772, was historically known as a destination where locals, Amish farmers, and craftsmen conducted business and socialized.

Take a tour through the Amish Countryside, or visit one of the many local Amish attractions. Watch as quilts, jam and relish are being made, or pick up some wine or upscale furniture. And don't miss out on the delicious local foods!

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Intercourse is a place where locals and visitors can meet and socialize.

Intercourse, PA

Founded in 1754, the town was originally named after an old tavern, the Cross Keys, and did not become known as Intercourse until 1814.

Much speculation went into the origin of the town's name, but none of the claims have been validated. It's possible the town was named after an old race track on Old Philadelphia Pike called Entercourse, which later evolved into Intercourse. Another theory pertains of the use of language in the early days of the village, in which the term "intercourse" was commonly used to describe fellowship, social interaction, and support - the same values the town still holds today.

Intercourse remains a place where locals, visitors, and Amish farmers meet and socialize. It offers a glimpse into the traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch with its cultural experiences, shops, homemade goods, and family-friendly events.

If you’re into shopping, or simply want to experience the rich Amish culture found in Intercourse, there are a number of local spots to check out. AAA Buggy Rides at Kitchen Kettle Village is a fun and interactive way to explore Intercourse through the lens of the Amish. Kitchen Kettle Village is a shopping center overflowing with that close knit Lancaster feel, featuring 42 shops including Jam & Relish Kitchen and Deerskin Leather Shop.

For the popular Lancaster quilts, stop on by Village Quilts to admire the hand-stitched patchwork done by locals. The variety of colors and patterns are absolutely eye-catching and make for great quilts, wall hangings, textile art, and more. You can also find a great selection of affordable quilts at The Old Country Store, along with a selection of fabric to create your own quilt. Don’t miss this unique Lancaster experience!

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Places to Eat

Intercourse is home to lots of Pennsylvania Dutch dishes, and a great place to branch out and explore new foods. While venturing through Kitchen Kettle Village, stop by Harvest Cafe for their delectable breakfast and lunch options, and also their mouth-watering coconut cream pie and shoofly pie. If you get hungry in between Intercourse, PA excursions, check out Immergut Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels, an Amish-run family business featuring pretzels, fresh-squeezed lemonade, blended iced coffees, and more. Maybe you’d rather snack on plenty of samples, fresh and smoked meats, an assortment of food at a large deli, or desserts at an in-store bakery? If so, head over to Stoltzfus Meats and Deli, which also features a restaurant called Amos’ Place that serves a bunch of PA Dutch favorites.

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For even more information, visit the Village of Intercourse website.

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Visiting the Pennsylvania Amish in Lancaster County

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