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Local shops deliver Lancaster, PA shopping at its best

When you meander through the streets of our local towns, you'll experience the true flavor of Lancaster County through its friendly people and unique heritage. This is especially evident in the local shops throughout Lancaster, PA, which are filled with unique glass, rare books, collectibles and vintage items, creating a truly unique Lancaster shopping experience. PA Dutch Country has local shops of its own, bursting with homemade edible treats, crafts, toys, candles and many, many more unique gifts. You’ll find so many of these local shops throughout Lancaster County, so we’ve created our Lancaster, PA shopping directory to help you get your bearings before you arrive.

Postal Connections

Postal Connections

Pack and Ship We work with all major carriers including...

Rohrer Seeds

Rohrer Seeds

Visit our store and shop for organic and heirloom seeds,...

The Treasure Place

Smucker Village

At Smucker Village you’ll find a truly unique shopping...

Tiger's Eye

Starting as an accessories store in 1996, The Tiger's Eye...


The Treasure Place

Deep in the heart of PA Dutch Country, there is a place...


Urban Southern

Using sustainable, USA sourced leather, we handcraft simple...

Whistle Stop Shop

Whistle Stop Shop

The Whistle Stop Shop at the Railroad Museum of...

Cabalar Meat Co.

325 North Queen Street, The Keppel Building
Lancaster, PA 17602