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10 Stocking Stuffers Only Found in Lancaster

10 Stocking Stuffers Only Found in Lancaster

Lancaster County is known for unique sweets, treats, and experiences. If you’re struggling to find the perfect stocking stuffers for those you love, and would like to share a bit of the experience YOU love when you come to Lancaster County, perhaps you should pick up one of these 10 stocking stuffers found only in Lancaster County, PA.

[1] Perhaps the sweetest stocking stuffer that you can send from Lancaster is a small package of Wilbur Buds. These chocolates originated in Lititz, and debuted in 1893 – prior to the Hershey’s Kiss (which debuted in 1907). Wilbur Buds are not individually wrapped, and have the word ‘WILBUR’ on the bottom of the chocolate.

[2] For a keepsake that will be treasured each year, order a hand-painted Springerle Ornament. Springerle molds first came to Lancaster from Europe around 1710, and they were among the most treasured possessions of the Pennsylvania Germans. You can also pick up Springerle cookies in a variety of traditional anise flavors.

[3] Enjoy some local flavor with delicious Pennsylvania Dutch sweets like jams & jellies from Kitchen Kettle Village. Did you know that they package Hostess Boxes with six of the most popular 1 ½ oz jars of jams, jellies, and preserves? You could pick up one for someone special, or pick up one, and divvy out the jams to 6 special stockings!

[4] Enjoy a hand-quilted ornament from Family Farm Quilts, which are made each year by a local Mennonite woman. You can specify the color of fabric, and whether you’d like a ball, pine cone, or tree shaped ornament.

[5] There’s nothing sweeter than a Whoopie Pie from Hershey Farms to find in your stocking – just don’t put it in first, or it will get smooshed by all the other stuffers! These delicious cake-like treats with a frosted inside come in a variety of flavors, and are a traditional Lancaster County dessert.

[6] With the cold winter air hitting your skin, pick up some handmade soaps & lotions from the Hertzog Home Spa Collection – an extension of one of our award winning bed & breakfasts in Ephrata, PA. Whether you pick up Amish Simplicity lotion or Honey Bee lip balm, you’re sure to be thanked by your recipient.

[7] For the hostess in your life, pick up some handmade candles that will brighten any house. Olde Mill House Shoppes carries all sorts of accessories for the home, but their handmade candles are some of the best.

[8] If you’re looking for some organic, natural oils, whether just to enjoy as aromatherapy with diffusers, or for helping with migraines and keeping congestion away, Josiah’s Oils has your every need – with oils that are bottled for you the week you purchase them – you simply can’t get oils fresher than that!

[9] To warm up someone you love, pick up some mittens or a hat made with alpaca yarn from Eastland Alpacas. For the little ones, make sure to pick up some cute finger puppets!

[10] If you really want to share everything you love about Lancaster, why not make a voucher to stick in their stocking to bring them with you next time you come to Lancaster? There’s plenty to do for everyone, and they’ll love sharing memories with you most of all.