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New Year

New Year's Resolutions with a Lancaster Twist

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes resolutions. We make goals, listing out things we want to accomplish, stop, learn, or change. We take the time to reflect on the year that we had, and how we can grow in the next year. January is often seen as a clean slate to try new things and start off fresh.

When we took time to self-reflect going into the New Year, we found five great resolutions and gave them a Lancaster twist. Using the county's many resources, we found ways to make achieving our resolutions a little more exciting.

Unplug & Slow Down

In a world that’s always connected and moving, our first resolution is to unplug and slow down. For this one, we’re taking a hint from the Amish, who travel by horse and buggy and typically don’t have cell phones and the internet. The Amish feel that having a cell phone contrasts the spirit of humility that they embrace. It also contributes to pride and takes away from the face-to-face communication.

If this resolution resonates with you, try taking a horse and buggy ride to kick off your year. Take in the countryside around you as you trot along and learn about the Amish community. At home, make meals a time to unplug, where electronic devices are silenced and face-to-face conversation is embraced.

Evenings are great times to slow down and unplug. Grab a book or take a walk without your phone to reflect on your day and embrace a slower lifestyle.


Be More Active

After the holiday indulgences, kicking off the New Year with some adventure and activity can be refreshing. We’re eager to kick off the year by getting our heart rate up while having a good time. Indoor activities like rock climbing at Spooky Nook Sports, ice skating, or a like trampoline time are great ways to stay active in the chillier winter months.

If you’re resolution is to stay active throughout the year, Lancaster’s hiking and biking trails offer beautiful views and adventure for any skill level. When the weather warms up, grab your sneakers, hit the trail, and walk, hike or bike your way to a more active year.

Save More, Spend Less

Going into a new year, many people make a goal to save more money. This may conflict with our desire to travels and see more, but it doesn’t have to. Lancaster is an affordable place to travel, and we rounded up even more savings for you. With some great overnight deals and coupons for popular spots, you can enjoy a trip to Lancaster – even on a budget. Making a plan ahead of time can help minimize spending during the trip, and will help you save on a much-needed getaway.

Adding some free things to your plans, whether at home or away, can maximize fun while minimizing your spending. Historical sites, museums, markets, and more can fill your day without making a dent in your budget, and you’ll come away with memories of a great trip in Lancaster.


Eat More Fruits & Vegetables 

Healthy eating is often at the top of the resolution lists, and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is a step in the right direction. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, consider eating what’s in season to get the freshest, juiciest produce, and to try and learn how to cook new things.

For the best of the best, we’re heading to the farmers markets and roadside stands that are scattered across the county. At the market, like Lancaster Central Market, farmers bring the best of their harvest to share with the community. Pick up some fruits and vegetables for the week, and enjoy the flavors of the county. While driving the backroads, be sure to have some cash on hand. During the main harvest seasons, you never know what you’ll find around the corner, grown and harvest by passionate local farmers.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Have you been wanting to learn a new skill or take on a new hobby? The beginning of the year is a great time to kick off a class or activity that you’ve been wanting to explore. From cooking to art, classes can be found for a variety of hobbies and topics that can make for a fun date night or girls evening, while you learn something new.

Dive into the world of French pastries or authentic Italian cooking at the Zest Cooking School, or try your hand in cupcake decorating with Lancaster Cupcakes. If you’d rather learn a new craft, Painting with a Twist offers canvas painting classes, while Grandview Vineyard hosts art classes to be enjoyed with a glass of wine. Our events calendar is filled with opportunities to learn something new.


We hope you have a fantastic year, filled with excitement and growth, and a trip to experience all that Lancaster County has to offer. Begin planning with our new Getaway Guide or by signing up for our e-newsletter.

Photo Credit: Tana Reiff