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Cocktails with Character in Lancaster, PA

Cheers! Countless spots to sip unique cocktails.

The photo above was taken at Conway Social Club.

A night on the town or a memorable dinner starts with a cocktail – especially one with pizzazz and character, artfully crafted at one of Lancaster, PA’s restaurants. Drinks go beyond your standard rum and coke and classic martini, combining local ingredients with hard-to-find or locally made spirits. Some bartenders are reviving and reinventing the classics, while others are putting new flavors together to create signature concoctions.

Many of these spots have fantastic cuisine to go along with the cocktails for a one-stop-shop for a perfect evening. When you enjoy, please do so responsibly, and take advantage of Lancaster’s Uber and Lyft network.

Annie Bailey’s Irish Public House
28-30 E King St, Lancaster | 717.393.4000
At Annie Bailey’s you’ll find the beer and cider selection you come to expect at an Irish pub – but what about cocktails? Well you’re in luck because they’re doing those well too! Theyre seasonally rotated cocktail menu has included drinks such as brambling through thyme, irish coffee, watermelon mojito, and more. They also offer cocktails specifically crafted for brunch!

Blackworth Live Fire Grill
52 N Broad St, Lititz | 717.625.2100
Blackworth offers delicious food in a fun modern space, as well as delicious crafted cocktails! The cocktail menu rotates often, but offerings have included the parkside, featuring Lititz Springs vodka, among others.

Conway Social Club
28 E King St, Lancaster | 717.393.4446
Conway Social Club is downtown Lancaster's speakeasy. Check that the light is on, knock on the door, and enter a beautiful space with delicious drinks. The drink menu is split into five categories; pantry, garden, meadow, forest and library, offering speciality drinks with absinthe, rosemary gin, and many more.

438 N Queen St, Lancaster | 717.282.1421
Decades is a six lane bowling alley, arcade, and full service restaurant and bar. Dine at a table or at the bar, or enjoy food and drinks at your lane! Decades also offers deliciously crafted cocktails, among beers on draft and wines.

The Exchange
25 S Queen St, Lancaster | 717.207.4096
Enjoy delicious food and drink, and outdoor or indoor dining at this amazing rooftop space overlooking Lancaster City. Their cocktail menu includes drinks such as a spring toddy, a blackberry cucumber cooler, and more!

Horse Inn
540 E Fulton St, Lancaster | 717.392.5528
The vintage vibes at the Horse Inn will take you back to the 1920s as it is an old stable that served as a speakeasy during Prohibition. When you make your way to one of their two bars, you’ll be greeted by a bartender and cocktail menu inspired by the past. Must tries include the Pistol Under the Pillow (gin, pressed lemon & grapefruit, vanilla, lavender and egg white) and the Old Fashioned #2 (whiskey of your choice, brandied cherry, orange zest, Angostura & tiki bitters, and demerara).

John J. Jeffries
300 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster | 717.431.3307
John J. Jeffries focuses on sustainable and seasonal food, and drinks! Cocktail menus will shift through the seasons with what's fresh. Offerings include basil lemondrop, lavender sidecar, and many more.

Lancaster Distilleries
23 N Market St, Lancaster
While not its own cocktail bar, Lancaster Distilleries creates gins, vodkas and rums in Lancaster City! They also offer craft cocktail recipes on their website, and are used in the cocktails at Zoetropolis. You can find their stand at the Lancaster Central Market too!

Per Diem
50 Rock Lititz Blvd, Lititz | 717.500.3436
Per Diem offers delightful dinner and brunch offerings in a modern space. They also offer cocktails specially for dinner and brunch. Dinner cocktails include bramble on, negroni, and more. Brunch cocktails include the classic mimosa, caffe tonico, and more. They also offer crafted mocktails!

Stoll and Wolfe Distillery
35 N Cedar St, Lititz | 717.799.4499
Stoll and Wolfe is celebrating local distilling traditions that date back to 1753 by distilling Pennsylvania rye whiskey and bourbon & rye blend. Be sure to try one of their creative cocktails like the Rock & Rye and the Sazerac. Not a whiskey or bourbon lover?Their vodka and gin drinks are just as good. Try the Hold Fast or the Negroni.

Thistle Finch Distillery
417 West Grant St, Lancaster | 717.947.7342
Head into downtown Lancaster and check out Thistle Finch Distillery! Thistle Finch offers distillery tours and tasting, a bar with delicious craft cocktails, and speciality spirits to purchase such as various Penn Square vodkas, Market Alley gins, and more.

112 N Water St, Lancaster | 717.208.6572

Zoetropolis is a unique spot in Lancaster, where you can watch an independent film in the cinema or get a bite to eat in the restaurant. Zoetropolis also offers craft cocktails made with Lancaster Distilleries' spirits. With drinks named after some of the wacky Lancaster County town names, among many others.

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